Board Of Directors

NEQ has an elected Board of Directors. In this directory we have a complete list of our current Board of Directors, their terms and their contact information.

Anthony Brown Director (2021) Contact
Carly Connors Treasurer, Director (2021) Contact
Bruce McLear Director (2023) Contact
Tammy Metz Director (2022) Contact
Greg Miceli Secretary, Director (2022) Contact
John Mileham Vice President, Director (2023) Contact
Anthony Rivara President, Director (2021) Contact
Alex Sunseri Director (2023) Contact
Matt Wilson Director (2022) Contact


Committee Contacts

It takes many people to coordinate the effort of our club. In this directory you will find a list of our committees, their members and the members contact information.

Anthony Brown Co-Chief Instructor Contact
David Klock Winter Driving Committee Chair Contact
John Mileham Instructor Committee co-Chair (Instructor Dev.) Contact
Anthony Rivara Instructor Committee co-Chair (Instructor Dev.) Contact
Jeff Segal Co-Chief Instructor Contact
Alex Sunseri Social Events Contact
Matt Wilson Membership and Marketing Contact


Event Masters

Event Masters are responsible for the coordination and running of each NEQ Event. If you have any questions about a particular event, contact the Event Master below who is responsible for that Event.

Doug Billings Car Corrals Contact
Bruce Bradigan Watkins Glen II Contact
John Cosachov Watkins Glen II Contact
Chris Dehnert Social Drives Contact
Cynthia Gorman Winter Social Contact
David Klock Winter Driving Contact
Greg Miceli NJMSP Contact
Tom Mullane Watkins Glen I Contact
Ray DeVerry Limerock Park Contact
Frank Sandberg Watkins Glen I Contact
Alex Sunseri Palmer I Contact

General Contact

For any questions or feedback use the contact link below

Contact Us


Winter Driving School #1, Jan 25, 2020, Caroga Lake

our first winter school for 2020, the Artie Mayhew Memorial. The day includes exercises in the AM designed to improve your car handling skills on low friction surfaces followed by lapping on a prepared track in the PM.

Winter Driving School #2, Feb 29, Lake Algonquin

NEQ is pleased to announce our Second winter school for 2020 on Lake Algonquin, Wells NY. This event is open to all members and non- members interested in honing their low friction driving skills.

Upcoming Events for 2020

Here’s what we know so far,
5/14-16 – Lime Rock Park,
6/1-2 Watkins Glen,
8/3-4 Watkins Glen II
9/14-15 is New Jersey Motorsports Park