Helmets must be worn at all high speed education events.  They are not required at winter driving schools.  The current certification requirements helmets are Snell 2015 minimum (SA). Please reference the Snell website for much more information http://www.smf.org/

Your helmet MUST say on it: SA2015 or SA2020.

This certification is usually on a sticker under the inner lining of the helmet.

The primary difference between SA (Special Application) and M (Motorcycle) helmets are a Nomex (fire resistant) lining. NEQ requires the additional protection of the SA rated helmets; M rated helmets are not allowed.

Remember, "...got a ten dollar head?...buy a ten dollar helmet"

The NEQ does maintain an assortment of SA2020 helmets to rent, in a variety of sizes. Preference will be given to novice drivers when it comes to helmet assignment, and while it is likely that your rented helmet will be used only by you during the event, we may have to have people share if there is overdemand for one particular size. If you will require a rental helmet, please be sure to indicate this when you register for the event.

Balaclavas will be provided with rental helmets for sanitary reasons and must be worn.
Again, see the Snell website at http://www.smf.org/ is a great reference for helmet information.

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Winter Driving School

Jan/Feb 2022
Every winter, NEQ hosts winter driving schools on frozen lakes in Upstate NY. Dates and signup are available in January each year.

Lime Rock Park Driving School

May, 2022
Join us at this 3-day High Performance Driving School at the historic Lime Rock Park, CT. This track takes a short time to learn, but a lifetime to master.

Palmer Motorsports Park

July 2022
Join us at this 1-day High Performance Driving School at the majestic Palmer Motorsports Park, MA.

Watkins Glen Driving School

August 2022
Join us at this 2-Day High Performance Driving School at Watkins Glen International. See what your car can do!

New Jersey Motorsports Park – Thunderbolt

Oct 2022
Join us at this 2-Day High Performance Driving School at New Jersey Motorsports Park

2022 Fall Drive

Oct 2022
Join us for a fun day driving the through the scenic Catskill Mountains with a group of Audi enthusiasts